Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for participating in the Competition: “Limassol Del Mar Suites”

1. Competition – Organisation: The company with the registered name “Forthdesign Studio” (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser” or Forthdesign) based in Nicosia, address: 10 Byzantiou Street, B12, organises on behalf of “LDM Rental Services Ltd” a company based in Limassol Cyprus, with address Georgiou A’ Avenue, 117-123 (hereinafter referred to as the “LDM Rental Services Ltd”), on the fan page of the latter in Facebook & Instagram, a promotion and/or promotional Competition under the title ”Limassol Del Mar Suites”.
The Organiser invites the users of the aforementioned websites to participate in the contest with the corresponding profile that they have already created there, by opting to “follow” the page and then by making a comment in the relevant post of the contest .
All participants must have fully read and accepted these Terms and Conditions in order to participate in the said Competition. (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”).
The Organiser undertakes no obligation with respect to ensuring or assisting access to internet sites or for providing relevant facilities to any interested party to participate in the Competition. Access to the Facebook and Instagram websites of the Competition is permitted only under the terms of operation of the relevant server, the corresponding social media networks (i.e. Facebook / Instagram) and the technical and other conditions and specifications of the Competition. The Organiser considers that each participant is the owner and has sole control of his/her personal information which will be requested in the event of winning the Competition.

2. Eligibility for participation in the Competition: All participants must be at least 18 years of age and be residents of Cyprus. All employees of Forthdesign and LDM Rental Services Ltd are excluded from entering the draw, along with anyone with an employment relationship, as well as their first- and second-degree relatives and their spouses.

3. It is expressly stated and clarified that those who fall into the following categories are excluded from the Competition:
(a) Anyone who has not reached the age of 18 years,
(b) Anyone who has not expressly agreed to these Terms and has not expressly fully accepted them,
(c) Employees of the Organiser and/or affiliated companies of the Organiser, as well as first and second-degree relatives of the above employees and the spouses of these employees (as defined in Clause 2 herein above).
Also, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude from the Competition, at any time or point, anyone who, in his opinion, is likely to have used (or has attempted to use) unfair means in relation to his/her participation or has violated any of the terms of this article. Unfair means but is not limited to, the use of devices, equipment, computers and/or software to facilitate automated or multiple entries without human intervention, and so on. Each user profile can participate only once (1) in the Competition and receive as many entries as the respective permitted actions specified.
In all cases, the Organiser has the right to block at any stage of the Competition, any user, visitor, participant from the Competition who participates in violation of the Terms, including but not limited to, participants who register false information, even if one of them is declared the winner, and will be held liable by the Organiser for any damage that may result from any such actions.
It is clarified that the participation in the Competition does not require the purchase of a product, nor is there any charge for the participants other than the costs of their internet connection service, based on the price list of the internet service provider they have chosen. Participation in the Competition presupposes access by interested parties to the Internet using their own technical means, is done by their own free will, and always provided that they have first read and agreed to the terms and expressly consented to the voluntary participation in the Competition with their personal information and in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 below.
It is also expressly clarified that the Organiser and/or LDM Rental Services Ltd, reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, to extend or shorten the duration of the Competition and/or to modify or cancel the Competition without notice.

4. Duration of the Competition: The duration of the Competition is defined as the period from 27/04/22 to 20/05/22.
It is clarified that the Electronic Systems of Forthdesign that will support the conduct of the Competition are deemed the official timing of the Competition, based on which its start and end time is determined, as well as the time of active sending of the entry or apparent reception of the entry to the Competition. It is explicitly clarified that, after the closing date of the Competition, no entry will be accepted and will not bind the Organiser as to the timeline of such entry.

5. How to participate in the contest: Anyone who meets the above conditions and wishes to participate in the contest must enter through his or her personal account on Facebook and/or Instagram, visit the page of LDM Rental Services Ltd (Limassol Del Mar) and follow the steps of the contest.
Participation in the Competition in accordance with the above conditions constitutes an automatic declaration of participation in the Competition and unconditional and full acceptance of the terms and conditions. The records that Forthdesign will keep, with the aforementioned entrant data, will constitute full proof of the receipt of any participation in the Competition, using Forthdesign’s systems and showing the validity of such participation, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms.

6. Competition Prize: A stay for one (1) Night in Limassol Del Mar Suites will be awarded to the winner of the Competition.
At the end of the Competition, all valid entries will be entered into a draw, which is done through a reliable application that randomly selects the winner (s) using a special algorithm.
It is expressly stated that the gift is specific, absolutely personal, non-transferable, cannot be exchanged, nor can it be requested to replace it with another prize or redeem it in money, at any value. Furthermore, according to the Terms and Conditions, the prize is predetermined, and its exchange or redemption is excluded.

7. Informing the Winner – Prize giving: The winner will receive a message from the page that the draw has been made and will have to respond by giving his personal details to be able to carry out delivery of the prize. The winner should respond within a reasonable time to receive his prize. Otherwise, he will receive an informative message that he has been replaced and his place will be taken by the next runner-up, and so on. Furthermore, the public user name of the winner will be announced via story on the Organiser’s and LDM Rental Services Ltd.’s (Limassol Del Mar) Facebook pages and/or their Instagram accounts.
In any case, the Organiser reserves the right to award the prize to the runner-up, then to the 2nd placed entry and so on.
The prize giving to the winner will be subject to delay in the event of the winner not supplying the necessary data to the Organiser, as referred to in Article 8 below, otherwise the relevant prize will be awarded to the 1st alternate, in order of nomination, and in case of non-fulfilment of the nomination will go from the 1st alternate to the 2nd alternate, in order of nomination and so on.

8. Prize giving: Receipt of the Competition prize is subject to the winner signing the relevant declaration of acceptance. In the event that the winner does not agree to sign the aforementioned declaration of acceptance, the person then loses the definitive right to receive the prize, which automatically passes to the runner-up, in order of nomination, and in case that person doesn’t agree to sign the declaration of acceptance of the prize, the prize will be awarded to the 2nd placed entry and so on.
To avoid any disputes, no one is considered or legitimised as the final winner under these terms, unless the giving of the prize has been completed in accordance with the provisions herein. For this reason, publication of a possible winner’s name on the website does not constitute a final result nor does it establish any claim of the said person.

9. Liability: The Organiser and LDM Rental Services Ltd will not be liable in the event of any technical reasons it is temporarily or generally impossible to receive and register an entry from someone who wishes to participate in the Competition due to the technical systems of the Organiser and/or those third parties acting on his order and on his behalf. The Organiser is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise due to network issues. In any case, the responsibility of the Organiser will be limited to acts or omissions of the Organiser due to fraud or gross negligence and in no case will extend to accidental events or events of force majeure befalling the Organiser or third parties acting on his behalf.
In addition, the Organiser does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality, completeness of services and accuracy of information of applications or other websites, to which the application of the Competition may refer through ‘links’, hyperlinks or creative advertising that may appear during its use. Therefore, users acknowledge that they must contact the respective websites directly for any problem that occurs during the visit or use of other websites, which bear full responsibility for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances can the Organiser be considered to have adopted or have simply accepted the content or services of the websites, to which the website refers and/or links to them in any other way.

10. Publicity: These Terms and Conditions have been posted on the website and will remain there for the duration of the Competition.

11. Personal data: The Organiser announces that as executive handler and acting on behalf and at the behest of LDM Rental Services Ltd, does not process personal data of Competition participants, with the exception of the winner’s (if the latter provides them), for the sole purpose of carrying out all actions necessary to deliver the prize to him.
It is hereby stated that any data, personal or not, of participants, the winner, or runners-up, will be destroyed after 90 days, unless otherwise permitted by the applicable laws.
It is explicitly clarified that, after the end of this Competition or the new closing date set after any postponement or change of the duration of the Competition, entries will no longer be possible and those already made will automatically be considered non-existent and will not count towards the result, nor will they bind the Organiser and/or any third party. Facebook & Instagram are in no way related to, manage, promote or enhance this Competition. The Organiser is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary consent, permission and so on, if required, from the social networks of Facebook & Instagram to carry out this specific Competition.

12. Applicable law – Jurisdiction: These Terms are governed by and are subject to Cyprus law. Any dispute relating to the Competition that may arise in the future shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus.

13. Acceptance of the terms: Participation in the Competition implies the full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
All participants in the Competition fully and without reservation accept these Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Use of the website. If someone does not accept the terms, they should not participate in the Competition. Also, all participants acknowledge, declare, accept explicitly and unconditionally that:
(a) Their personal information which they declare in the context of this Competition may not belong to a third party, either physical or legal, but it is theirs alone and that their personal information is accurate and true.
(b) They are over 18 years of age.
(c) Their personality is not offended or diminished in any way from their participation in this Competition, in which they participate with their personal data, as published in their profile.
(d) They do not infringe personal data or the right of personality of any third party.
(e)They expressly consent to the Organiser’s use and processing of personal information (name, telephone, e-mail address and mailing address, if of the winner) to serve the purpose of the Competition.
(f) They give their express consent and authorisation to the Organiser and/or LDM Rental Services Ltd for the promotion of the Competition and its results, as well as their personal information, if they so wish, through printed and electronic press, the internet, messages using mobile telephony services (SMS) throughout its duration.
(g) They give their consent and authorisation to the Organiser to use any event relevant to the Competition for advertising purposes, with no obligation to provide prior notification or to pay compensation. The Organiser and LDM Rental Services Ltd also reserve the right to publish audio-visual material from the draw of the winner and from the prize giving.
(h) They waive the right to any legal or out-of-court action against the Organiser and LDM Rental Services Ltd in the event that the latter determines that a participant should be disqualified.
(i) The Organiser and LDM Rental Services Ltd bear no liability, criminal or civil, to any winner or third party, for any accident that may occur and/or damage and/or bodily or material damage caused to them directly or indirectly, whether related to the prize or for any other cause. The Organiser and LDM Rental Services Ltd are exempt from the obligation to deliver a prize in case the terms of participation in the Competition have not been met in any way.