In the presence of the ambassadors of Cyprus’ financial and business world, the first official presentation of the new development project Limassol Del Mar took place at the Four Seasons Hotel, on Tuesday 28 February 2017.The event was addressed by the Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades, who briefly elaborated on Cyprus’ recent economic and developmental advancements, and emphasised that together with other factors that projects of Limassol Del Mar’s caliber are the driving force to both its hosting city and the Cyprus’ overall economy.

The leaders of the project’s joint venture groups Mr Leptos and Mr  Zavos, presented the Limassol Del Mar project through their personal business perspective.
Mr Zavos also mentioned, that Limassol Del Mar is a landmark project, which aims to list Cyprus on the international map of the most remarkable and imposing development projects. “With Limassol Del Mar we are now on par with foreign creators of grand projects.” Additionally, Mr Zavos underlined that Limassol Del Mar today is considered one of the most important projects affecting the Cypriot economy since it offers hundreds of job opportunities, yields millions of euros from abroad and contributes considerable millions to the country’s funds through taxes and various other contributions.

In turn, Mr Leptos talked about the project focusing on the fact that Limassol Del Mar is a purely private investment having two Cypriot companies at its main core. “This is an additional proof,” said Mr Leptos, “that Cypriots have entrepreneurship in their DNA.”

Referring to the buying interest derived by the business community, Mr Leptos said that the project has become a buyers’ attraction of unprecedented range from all over the world. “While the international demand is increasing, we need to emphasise the positive local interest we also receive from the Cypriot business community.” Mr Leptos also added that the presales percentage of Phase I has already reached 60% and this substantial income, is not only a major “injection” of liquidity for the Cypriot economy and development, but also provides them with the possibility of financing the construction of the entire project, creating hundreds of job opportunities. “The year 2016 was a benchmark for our economy, which regained its international credibility as confirmed by the international rating agencies. Our island has managed to get into the quantitative easing program announced by the European Central Bank and the economy today has one of the highest development results in Europe,” ended Mr Leptos.