​Development Marketing Awards at the European Property Awards 2020

Limassol Del Mar has recently been honoured with an international award of recognition at the European Property Awards 2020. The award for the Development Marketing category carries the prestigious mark of excellence badge, as they are given only to the ‘finest’ companies operating with the utmost standards on the globe’s most existing and prestigious developments. 

These awards are currently counting their 27th year and are covering over 45 different residential and commercial categories. They are allocated in such a way to involve the regions of Arabia, Europe, Africa, Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean, USA, UK and Asia Pacific. The European Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of over 80 industry experts. 

Limassol Del Mar is the result of the Cypeir Properties Ltd consortium between Leptos and D. Zavos Groups, two of Cyprus’ largest construction companies. 

It is a fact that Limassol Del Mar, since its commencement to date, counts only distinctions, successes and leads. Sustaining the successful sales progress since day one, Limassol Del Mar immediately attracted the warm response of the investment audience, which currently continues. A fact that, on the one hand has locked the investment amount for the project’s complete construction, and on the other led to the vertical increase in sales resulting to the small apartment numbers in availability, since 80% of the properties of both project’s phases have already been sold.

Since 2016 Limassol Del Mar has collaborated closely with the UK integrated agency, Four Communications, bringing together teams across Marketing, Media and PR. The work included launching a landmark collaboration for Cyprus with Gianfranco Ferré Home for the Signature Collection homes.  The team is set to launch the final phase, The Penthouse Collection, next month. Limassol Del Mar will now wait for the subsequent round of the awards looking forward to be listed in the 5* and regional categories as well.